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About the programme

The Clamda-IM mentorship program is a project which gives every Clamda-IM student (Mentee) the opportunity to exchange advice, thoughts and concerns with a Clamda-IM Alumnus (Mentor).

The program has the main objective of providing Mentees with support and orientation about their academic and professional career decisions. The program is also built with the long term goal of strengthening the Clamda-IM network and creating a community of professionals.

Applications will be opened through an email notification approximately in January of each academic year. Each Mentee will benefit from the mentorship program since the notification of the matching with his/her Mentor. The Mentor/Mentee relationship has to be considered formally concluded at the end of the academic year in which the Mentee graduates. For further information, scroll down to the program roadmap.

At the end of each academic year Mentor-Mentee pairs may be changed and new ones may be constituted according to both Mentors’ and Mentees’ needs.


Each Clamda-IM student has the opportunity to become a Mentee, applying through the specified channel at the beginning of each academic year.

It is in the interest of both Mentors and Mentees that each relationship within the program is managed reasonably and in a way that provides the highest value for both. Therefore, each Mentee is expected to:

  • be proactive. It is Mentees’ duty to contact Mentors and not vice versa;
  • be flexible and keep in mind that Mentors may have a very busy agenda and few available time;
  • be prepared in advance for each meeting and bear in mind prior discussions (e.g. prepare some questions or topics you would like to talk about with your Mentor);
  • respect Mentors’ time and effort, and do not make them lose their time (e.g. fix a meeting only if needed);
  • schedule the meetings in advance and send a reminder to the Mentor;
  • define, in accordance with the Mentor, the most efficient and effective way to communicate. Bear in mind that each Mentor-Mentee relationship is unique, and that there is no one-fits-all solution to manage it. 

The matching of Mentors and Mentees will be done taking into account several information about their academic careers, professional preferences and personal interests. A survey will be sent to both new Mentors and Mentees to gather such data. Each Mentor-Mentee matching will be performed by considering the highest possible correspondence of data. For further information, check our “Application” page.


Mentors are Clamda-IM Alumni who are either experienced professionals or recent graduates, to best fit the needs of the different Mentees (e.g. new students and graduating ones probably have different priorities and needs). They voluntarily decide to be part of the mentorship program and commit to support the assigned Mentees.

Mentors voluntarily decide to advise and help Mentees. In doing so, they guarantee a minimum of one 30/45 minutes call (or meeting) every two months, figure that may vary according to each Mentor’s availability and to each Mentee’s needs. Mentors commit to offer their professional and academic experience as a support to Mentees, which should be proactive in exploiting them at best. For example, Mentors could be helpful for Mentees by: giving advice on the Clamda-IM courses; giving career suggestions; and opening up their network to the Mentees. In general, Mentors are suggested to be flexible and helpful according to their availabilities and the common sense. 


Class of 2021 - Interested in data analysis, valuation, and strategy.

  • Senior Associate Consultant @ Bain & Company;

Class of 2017 - Working as Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

  • Business Intelligence Team Lead WHS DACH @Luxottica

Class of 2017 - Support the Business Intelligence and Development Manager for commercial reorganization projects


Class of 2019 - Senior Account Development Representative for MongoDB

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