Alice righi

Class of 2021 – Acquisition Manager at Sunrise.


I am a motivated person seeking a challenging and innovative role in a multinational corporation…

antonio cappella

Class of 2018 - My key strengths are an analytical mind and an attitude towards…


Class of 2016 - Brand Management and Marketing, passionate about teaching and personal growth.

  • Business Development and Innovation @Gruppo Hera

Class of 2018 - Enthusiast about Strategy and Finance, I am committed helping companies shaping…

  • Co-founder and CEO @Due' Cucina Italiana

Class of 2010 - Hey, I’m Davide. I’m the co-founder and CEO of Due' Cucina…

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  • Supply Chain & Operations Consultant @Porsche Consulting

Class of 2018 - I would describe myself as a determined professional with analytical mind…

  • Manager, Head of Industrials at Amazon Business

Class of 2010 - Manager, Account Management at Amazon Business


Class of 2021 - Driven by a deep interest in innovation, technology, and sustainability. 

  • Monetization Strategy and Operations Analyst @LinkedIn

Class of 2020 - Passionate about tech, business innovation and sustainability.


Class of 2014 - Passionate about Automotive, Multimedia and Food&Beverage areas, he also likes swimming…

20210326_Foto Profilo_3

Class of 2013 - Business Transformation Advisor with a deep knowledge of Strategic Planning, Corporate…

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