The Silicon Valley Secret Sauce – Daniele Graverini, Innovation Advisor @Mind The Bridge

Our new project “Viral Talks” has just started! The initiative is aimed at leveraging our network of Mentors willing to share their knowledge and skills to students and other colleagues part of the Community.

After the successful talk with Prof. Antonio Bolatto (Clamda-IM Economics lecturer) and Prof. Laura Amadesi (Partner at Mea Consulting), thanks to the idea and collaboration of Arianna Zanforlini (Analyst at Accenture), today we hosted our second guest Daniele Graverini, Innovation Advisor and Account Manager at Mind The Bridge in Barcelona.

Daniele has shared a lecture about “The Silicon Valley secret sauce” explaining what makes Silicon Valley unique in terms of innovation and how a Venture Capitalist works.

Stay tuned for the next Viral Talk! In case you want to be our next Guest just reach out 😉


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